List of Articles by Author

Abadie, Lisandro. Vocal Undulations and the Vox Humana Organ Stop. October 20, 2019. Read article.

Allan, Isabelle. Church Music during Lockdown: A Case Study of Chapel Choirs at the University of Oxford. February 28, 2021. Read article.

Anderson, Christopher. Max Reger in America. November 29, 2020. Read article.

Aschauer, Mario. Early Austrian Music, and Editing for Bärenreiter. September 23, 2018. Read article.

Aumüller, Gerhard and Malte Kob. Vox Humana Forms: Comparison of Two Historical Sound Concepts. January 26, 2020. Read article.

Bellotti, Edoardo. Organ Music and Education in Italy. January 14, 2018. Read article.

Besingrand, Franck. Louis Vierne: A Legendary Figure. February 11, 2018. Read article.

Brasier, Richard. The Organ, and Mechanical Music Making during the Classical Period. December 13, 2020. Read article.

Brombaugh, John. Rediscovering Historic Organbuilding Techniques. May 3, 2020. Read article.

Buzard, Stephen. On Big Shoulders: Learning Sowerby at St. James Cathedral, Chicago. October 22, 2017. Read article.

Carrettin, Zachary. Approaching Baroque Style with Modern String Players. January 28, 2018. Read article.

Cooper, Philip T.D. The Surviving Organs of David Tannenberg. March 3, 2019. Read article.

Cramer, Craig. Catholic Church Music, and Organs at the Univeristy of Notre Dame. May 20, 2018. Read article.

Crivellaro, Paolo. Using Historical Sources in Organ Performance. October 18, 2020. Read article.

Dijk, Pieter van. A New Complete Bach Organ Works Recording. December 1, 2019. Read article.

Dirst, Matthew. Reconstructing Bach's Organ Concertos. October 6, 2019. Read article.

Draper, Natalie and Anne Laver. Demystifying the Organ for Composers. September 6, 2020. Read article.

Elshout, Frits. Organ Building and Restorations in the Netherlands. November 3, 2019. Read article.

Ericsson, Hans-Ola. Recollections of My Lessons with Olivier Messiaen. June 17, 2018. Read article.

Frank, Lukas. Johann Gottfried Müthel: Bach's Last Student. December 9, 2018. Read article.

Fritts, Paul. Historically-Informed Organbuilding in the United States. March 25, 2018. Read article.

Grew, John. French Classical Music in Canada. February 23, 2019. Read article.

Harrold, Greg. The Spanish Baroque Organ at Oberlin. November 17, 2019. Read article.

Higdon, James. Jehan Alain and Recollections of Marie-Claire Alain. March 11, 2018. Read article.

Holman, Christopher, Katelyn Emerson, and Guy Whatley. Studying the Organ Abroad. September 2, 2018. Read article.

Huffington, Michael. Postural Considerations for Organists. September 9, 2018. Read article.

Hummel, Scott. Music on Demand: Residential Pipe Organs in America. January 20, 2019. Read article.

Hunter, Desmond. Performing the Keyboard Works of William Byrd. December 29, 2019. Read article.

Johnson, Joyce. Recollections of My Time as Organist of Spelman College. January 17, 2021. Read article.

Juget, Denis, Stephen Sinclair, and Robin Côté. Historically-Informed Organbuilding in Canada. April 5, 2020. Read article.

Keller, Johannes and Caspar Johannes Walter. 36 Keys per Octave: The Arciorgano. April 8, 2018. Read article.

Lacôte, Thomas. Looking for Messiaen's Les Bergers. December 15, 2019. Read article.

Lewis, Shelby. Acoustics in the Age of Frescobaldi and Fantini. May 19, 2019. Read article.

Lohmann, Ludger. Organ Music and Education in Germany. October 22, 2017. Read article.

Marshall, Kimberly. Medieval Organ Music. October 14, 2018. Read article.

Marti, Corina. Reconstructing Medieval Organ Music. February 9, 2020. Read article.

Mattax Moersch, Charlotte. Recollections of My Lessons with Gustav Leonhardt. December 17, 2017. Read article.

Madzharov, Pavel. Organ Music and Building in Bulgaria. January 12, 2020. Read article.

Maidment, John. Historic Organ Restorations in Australia. March 8, 2020. Read article.

Meszler, Alexander Francis. An Introduction to Secularism and the Organ. January 31, 2021. Read article.

Mitchell, J.J. German Influences on Franck's Chorale in E Major. March 31, 2019. Read article.

Nicholls, Robert. Teaching Improvisation, and the English Church Music System. February 25, 2018. Read article.

O'Neill, Charlotte. Aristide Cavaillé-Coll and His Instruments in England. November 15, 2020. Read article.

O'Neill, Charlotte. Organist and Master of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey. February 17, 2019. Read article.

O'Neill, Douglas. Charles Tournemire's L'Orgue Mystique and the Ordinary Form Mass. November 25, 2018. Read article.

Owolabi, Kola. International Perspectives on Organ Education. September 20, 2020. Read article.

Øgaard, Sigurd. Organ Music & Education in Norway. October 28, 2018. Read article.

Pasi, Martin. Basic Organ Repairs. November 19, 2017. Read article.

Pelletier, Pierre. A Computerized Key Action: NovelOrg. March 22, 2020. Read article.

Plutz, Eric. The Vierne Project Marathon. October 4, 2020. Read article.

Porter, William. Improvisation and Hymn Playing. November 5, 2017. Read article.

Roman, Jim. Jean Langlais’s Cinq Méditations sur l’Apocalypse. February 14, 2021. Read article.

Ristori, Gian Carlo. Historic Organ Restorations in Cortona, Italy. January 6, 2019. Read article.

Scheessele, Erin. A New Organ Outreach: Orgelkids USA. June 3, 2018. Read article.

Steffens, Marec Béla. Three Organs in Need: A New Fairy Tale. December 23, 2018. Read article.

Stembridge, Christopher. Frescobaldi and Early Italian Organs. February 3, 2019. Read article.

Szostak, Michał. The Largest Pipe Organs in the World. September 30, 2018. Read article.

Tattershall, Susan. Historic Organ Restorations in the Americas. April 28, 2019. Read article.

Tegels, Paul. Four Hand Organ Repertoire. April 22, 2018. Read article.

Tenenbaum, Stacey. The Film Pipe Dreams and New Perspectives on Publicizing the Organ. June 21, 2020 (Special edition). Read article.

Urrows, David Francis. The Organ in China. November 1, 2020. Read article.

Patrick Wedd. Music in Canadian Cathedrals. November 11, 2018. Read article.

Valenzuela, Ruben. Celebrating the Liturgical Music of Healey Willan. May 17, 2020. Read article.

White, David Ashley. Composing and Commissioning New Music. December 31, 2017. Read article.

Whitehead, William. Organ Music and Education in Britain. April 19, 2020. Read article.

Winter, Cicely. Historic Organs in Oaxaca, Mexico. Originally published two parts, on May 6 and 13, 2018; combined into one article on September 12, 2019. Read article.

Young, Jonathan. The Tremulant in French Classical Organ Music. March 17, 2019. Read article.

Historic Organs of the World

Holman, Christopher. The Gothic Organ at Rysum. December 16, 2018. Read article.

Capozzoli, Nicholas. The French Classical Organ at Montreal. March 10, 2019. Read article.

Holman, Christopher. The Mexican Baroque Organ at Tlacochahuaya. September 16, 2018. Read article.

Rich, Kirk M. The Italian Classical Organ at Imperia. November 18, 2018. Read article.

Shull, Bruce. The American Colonial Organ at Tacoma. October 21, 2018. Read article.